Not sure how to align the first column with EasyAlign.

Visual select below two lines and ga*space

   wr_strobe <= abc dc asdf  
            rd_strobe <= asd sdfk asdfasd

Only first column is not aligned.

   wr_strobe          <= abc dc   asdf
            rd_strobe <= asd sdfk asdfasd

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The reason for this is that the default setting of vim-easy-align is to keep the current indentation. You can get the desired alignment with ga<c-i>*<space>.

I find the EasyAlignLign feature to be very useful for this sort of thing. If you map e.g. gA to <plug>(LiveEasyAlign), then visually select your text and do gA. Now you can see how your current settings work. E.g., gA*<space><c-i><space> would give the same result as above, except you would see the changes as you apply the settings.

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