I want to search in Vi for two tabs but not for three or more tabs. I tried several things like this:


But nothing works. Any idea?

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Your regular expression is almost valid, except that you need to use \@ instead of @.

However first note, that using :/ means the cursor will be put on the line matching the regular expression (this is usually used as an address, see :help :/), which is different from searching. For searching use the / command.

Second, using \t\{2\}\t\@! should work, but note, that this will match lines having more than two tabs, because the match would simply start at a later \t. So you need to anchor your match at the beginning to match non-tabs as well. Something like this might work:


Which comes down to:

/         - start a search command
\%(...\)  - start a group
[^\t]     - match a non-tab
\|        - OR
^         - start of line
\zs       - start match now (not the previous char)
\t\{2\}   - at least 2 tabs
\t\@!     - not followed by another tab

Alternatively you can use /\t\@<!\t\{2\}\t\@! which is similar to the previous expression, except that it uses a zero-width negative look-behind assertion.

Note that those look-around assertions can be slow in Vim.

  • Thanks, that worked. I found one issue: I got also matches with three tabs where the match starts at the second tab. I encountered this by adding a ^.
    – musbach
    Feb 21, 2018 at 12:33

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