How can I get the effect of multiple <ESC>s being pressed when I press <ESC> once?

My current config requires me to press <ESC> twice to switch to Normal mode: once to close the completion pop-up and again to switch to Normal mode.

This is what I tried (and it didn't work):

:imap <ESC> <ESC><ESC>

Note: I am using NeoVim version 0.2.2

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For future references, I would suggest you to always use noremap version of vim keymapping. Otherwise, the mappings get remapped. For example when you map like this:

:imap <Esc> <Esc><Esc>

Your mapped <Esc> gets again mapped to two more <Esc>. So it would probably be recursive. So, instead do this:

:inoremap <Esc> <Esc><Esc>

This will cancel remapping in the mapped keys.

  • After using this mapping, arrow keys insert capital B,D, etc in insert mode. Is it possible to not have it that way? Am using Mac OS. Thanks!
    – codepoet
    Commented Feb 12, 2021 at 19:31

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