When searching for autocompletion on any command via Tab, now vim shows me a list of the available options:

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I was used to push the right-arrow -> in order to select an option while navigating them with Tab, but now that doesn't work anymore. I need to push the Space button instead, but that's pretty annoying when going inside a file-system hierarchy as I need to delete every white space again to show the new listing of files.

Is there a way to restore the -> selector?

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    Do you have set wildmenu in your vimrc? If you don't, adding it should resolve your problem. – statox Feb 7 '18 at 14:53
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    @statox That's it, thanks! However the wild menu shall be removed to go back to the previous default behaviour: set nowildmenu. If you wish to answer with this, you can proceed – Campa Feb 7 '18 at 15:32

The behavior you are describing is controlled by the wildmenu option (:h 'wildmenu')

While the "wildmenu" is active the following keys have special meanings:

<Left> <Right> - select previous/next match (like CTRL-P/CTRL-N)

<Down> - in filename/menu name completion: move into a subdirectory or submenu.

<CR> - in menu completion, when the cursor is just after a dot: move into a submenu.

<Up> - in filename/menu name completion: move up into parent directory or parent menu.

The default value of this option is off but I would say that it is useful to add set wildmenu to your vimrc.

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    Great, thank you! Ah... then with the wildmenu I can still use the <Down> arrow to select the item.. awesome – Campa Feb 7 '18 at 16:10

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