There isn't much from VS Code I can't reproduce with neovim but working with javascript/node, I am quite jealous of the fact that the autocompletion works with any (or most?) libraries added to the node_modules folder...

Any idea of plugins allowing that? With youcompleteme, deoplete or language server protocol/ternjs based plugins, I've never been able to get it.


I have had some success with this plugin:

But it does require some setting up:

  1. After installing the plugin, you need to cd into the plugin folder and run npm install

  2. For each project you work on, you need to create a .tern-project file. (See below)

I also tweak some of the plugin's config in Vim:

" Don't keep locking up Vim (an issue if the codebase is large)
let g:tern_show_argument_hints = 'never'

let g:tern_show_signature_in_pum = 1

I make the K key use Tern to look up documentation:

autocmd BufReadPost  *.js  nnoremap <buffer> K :TernDoc<CR>

Here is an example .tern-project file you can start from:

  "ecmaVersion": 7,
  "libs": [],
  "loadEagerly": [
  "plugins": {
    "node": {
      "dontLoad": "",
      "load": "",
      "modules": ""
    "node_resolve": {},
    "modules": {
      "dontLoad": "",
      "load": "",
      "modules": ""
    "commonjs": {},
    "doc_comment": {}
  "dependencyBudget": 2000

The dependencyBudget will stop waiting for a response if Tern cannot provide one quickly. But I have found that the server will continue loading scripts and inferring in the background, so you can wait a while and then try the completion again.

(I have completion on Tab but I can't see where that was configured!)

There are some more examples of .tern-project files here.

  • Thanks, I have used ternjs in the past, but from what I have seen, it is far from the efficiency and smartness of VS autocompletion... – godot Jun 19 at 22:32

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