I have a question about tabs within vim and I'm using VIM - Vi IMproved 8.0 (2016 Sep 12, compiled Jan 17 2018 20:33:56) Included patches: 1-1255 Compiled by [email protected]

tab bindings:

" This replaces :tabnew which I used to bind to this mapping
nmap <leader>t :enew<cr>
" Move to the next buffer
nmap <leader>l :bnext<CR>
" Move to the previous buffer
nmap <leader>h :bprevious<CR>
" Close the current buffer and move to the previous one
" This replicates the idea of closing a tab
nmap <leader>bq :bp <BAR> bd #<CR>
" Show all open buffers and their status
nmap <leader>bl :ls<CR>

The question I have is, is it possible to prevent the cursor from jumping to the beginning of the line? If I have two different files open and I'm half way on the line, when I switch to " file2" and back to "file", I'll be on the correct line, but at the beginning of the line. This causes me to use either w or w# to get back to where I was.

I don't seem to have this issue if I were to vs "file" and "file2".


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You need to unset the 'startofline' option:

:set nostartofline

See :help 'startofline'

  • Awesome, it looks like this is set by default. Jan 25, 2018 at 23:40

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