There are many make-variant, maybe the most popular is the GNU make. The vim package contains syntax/make.vim which related to GNU make.

Many people use different make, for example FreeBSD's make which has different syntax than GNU make.

Does exist syntax file for BSD's make? And if yes, where?


From the point of view of syntax highlighting, GNU make and BSD make should be very close to identical. GNU make is a super-set of POSIX make (which is very close to what BSD uses), so there might be a few syntax highlighting options available for GNU make that you won't use with BSD make, but I don't think that you'll end up with any syntax in BSD make that's missing.

  • BSD make and GNU make differs! They have common part, the POSIX (pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/utilities/make.html) but the another parts are different. The conditionals, for-loops, some assignments, built-in variables, variable modifiers, include statements (more than POSIX) are different (check the linked manpages please). The syntax/make.vim works well with GNU Makefile's conditional/for loops/... but not with BSD Makefile's conditional/for loops/....
    – uzsolt
    Jan 22 '18 at 5:06

I didn't find any ready-to-use solution so I began to write it. The actual version can find here. It's only a complement to main syntax/make.vim so should place into ~/.vim/after/syntax directory.

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