Other than deleting the plugin directory in /bundle/ I have not been able to successfully uninstall a plugin. I found this issue and have tried removing the plugin from my vimrc, running :PluginInstall, :PluginUpdate, and :PluginClean, but I cannot seem to uninstall any of the plugins with vundle. This is my Vim setup. Given my linked vim setup and the commands that I have tried to run, does anyone know what could be wrong? Has anyone ran into this problem before and solved it?

  • I faced the same problem too. Still looking for answer. Jul 25, 2019 at 1:21

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  1. In your _vimrc delete the Plugin 'blabla' line you want to uninstall.
  2. Execute :PluginClean in vim.

By the way, make sure PluginClean do the right thing you should open a new vim window to execute :PluginClean


I dont know if this would help. So far it helped me. First I went to .vim/bundle/Vundle.vim

Then I just do "git pull origin master" to pull latest code from the repo. If there is a merge conflict, settle the conflict and pull again. I dont know why, but while you are pulling from the repo, you have to quit any active editting mode on .vimrc

After that, I went back to my .vimrc, do :PluginClean and suddenly all the plugin I cannot delete is deleted properly. Then I do :PluginUpdate to update again.

Hopefully this helps.

My guess is that, vundle did not update its own code correctly.

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