I have installed ctags (Ubuntu 16.04), added set tags=./tags; to .vimrc file, it kinda works, I can move around ruby classes and methods I have defined myself but when I want to see Rails built-in sources definitions it does not.

For example, when I press ctrl+] having the cursor under Post.new in my controller it works, it takes me to the definition of the Post class in post.rb file. When I position the cursor on has_many method it does not work, it throws an error (translated from polish) E426: Can't find indicator: has_many.

How can I fix the problem?

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I've managed to resolve my problem myself by installing the gem gem-ctags and followed the instructions included there. In order to keep the tags up-to-date install vim-bundler plugin, which automatically alters the tags to include all gems after executing bundle command.

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