Why does the output of syn list not include region in the syntax group definition line, like it does for 'match' type groups? What is the meaning of the xxx in that line?

I've got a vim 8.0 function that accepts a syntax group name, parses the output of syn list for that group, then clears and redefines that syntax group with a minor tweak (in this case, it is toggling the conceal arg). The final step requires executing syn match, syn region, etc.. and so requires determination of the specified group's type.

As I've stated above, the group type is not provided for regions, so before I just work around this by grepping for the required and unique start and end args in order to determine group type, I thought I'd ask whether anyone knows why this discrepancy exists. Is it a bug? Is there some other (better) way to grokk syntax group type from syn list output?

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