If I map Vim 's native shortcut & key codes (e.g. nn ; :) do other plugins break (e.g. break on their commands & command line)?

Actually I saw nn ; : on an article but the writer of the article said that it may break some plugins. Why It may break some plugins?

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It all depends on the plugins you use:

When the author says that mapping ; to : may break a plugin, they simply mean that you won't be able to use ; anymore and if a plugin has a command which uses the ; the command might not work anymore.

Now this mapping is pretty common on qwerty keyboards so it shouldn't be a problem on most plugins.

Your best bet is to use this mapping and see if you encounter a plugin which uses ;. If that is the case you can either stop using the plugin (or try to replace it) or remap another key to ; (e.g. nnoremap : ;) and use : instead of ;.

Note that in vanilla vim ; is used to repeat the last t, T, f or F command.

On a totally different topic, don't use nn use nnoremap instead it is much easier to read and considered as a best practice

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    In short, if nnoremap ; <nop> breaks some plugin, then it is bug in that plugin, not in your setting.
    – Hauleth
    Dec 30, 2017 at 0:22

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