Backstory: So there is all these notes app like Evernote Onenote... but I do not want to be locked into a system and only are going to use my laptop. So I thought why not use vim to edit markdown files which are saved in a Dropbox folder. And it would be nice to have tags working on it as well but there are a few problems with tags, I can't easily rename them.

Problem: How can I change tags and files without changing the tag location? Eg a tag called flying potato project and I want to rename it to potato express and change the file from potato-idea.md to potato-idea-for-ever.md but still keeping the tag location.

Maybe something with ids? Eg the tag for the text about potato express could be @253

INFO EDIT: If you don't know what vim tags is then have a look at this website http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Browsing_programs_with_tags

Edit: This post has also been posted here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47932055/use-tags-in-vim-for-notes and https://superuser.com/questions/1279464/how-to-use-tags-in-vim-for-notes


This is not strictly speaking an answer to your question, but there are several plugins that provides a note-taking system for Vim, for instance:

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