Oftentimes I'll want to put remaps in my .vimrc that use plugin commands. When a plugin happens to not be installed, these remaps will result in errors. A simple workaround would be to put an if-statement around plugin-specific remaps that checks whether that plugin has been activated.

How can I do this with VimPlug? Does VimPlug store a list somewhere?

Edit, to clarify things: I need an actual list or a string, not the panel that :PlugStatus brings up. For example: with a list of activated plugins, any mappings specific to the plugin plugin_name would be wrapped in this if statement:

if index(plugin_list, 'plugin_name') != -1
  <special maps here>

The index command returns -1 if the string 'plugin_name' is not contained in the list plugin_list.


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You can get all plugs from g:plugs_order list or g:plugs dict. g:plugs's value also contain useful config infomation about the plug. Like dir where the plug is installed.

So, you can use:

if has_key(g:plugs, "name")
    " do something

to check and do something when the plug exist.

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