Currently, my vimrc has

set cursorline
hi CursorLine cterm=underline ctermbg=none ctermfg=none

I want to be set cterm to both underline and bold


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Vim has excellent help files.

I had no idea what the answer was to this question but I found it in one minute:

  1. :h cterm (don't hit Enter yet)
  2. Tab for auto-completion to see some choices
  3. highlight-cterm sounds promising so tab over to it and hit Enter
  4. Hmm, cterm={attr-list} and See above for the description of attr-list
  5. That last "attr-list" is highlighted as a tag so put cursor over it and hit Ctrl+]

And voila..

attr-list is a comma separated list (without spaces) of the following items (in any order):

So cterm=underline,bold is the answer.

Vim has excellent help files.

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