I'm writing some functions to make it easier to manage vim's current directory and I'm trying to figure out how to quote the directory name when assembling a command to execute.

Basically, I'm running execute printf("chdir %s", expand("%:h")) and I'd like to know how to make it more secure/predictable/functionally correct.

I can make that snippet a little bit more robust by using ' like this:

execute printf("chdir '%s'", expand("%:h"))

But I'm wondering if there's a solution that handles all cases.

For some context/motivation,

I have noautochdir set and a global variable g:dir_jump_orig to the value of the current working directory on startup:

set noautochdir
let g:dir_jump_orig = $PWD

function! DirJumpGoFocused()
  execute printf("chdir %s", expand("%:h"))

function! DirJumpGoOrig()
  execute printf("chdir %s", g:dir_jump_orig))

nnoremap <leader><c-i> :<c-u>call DirJumpGoOrig()<CR>
nnoremap <leader>c     :<c-u>call DirJumpGoFocused()<CR>

I'd like to make DirJumpGoOrig and DirJumpGoFocused more reliable.

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You are looking for fnameescape():

execute 'cd ' . fnameescape(expand("%:h"))

For more help see :h fnameescape().

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