I have errors which looks like this:

[Error] Z:\absolute\file\path.cpp(42): error C2065: 'foo': undeclared identifier
[Info] Z:\another\file\path.cpp(42): error C2050: 'foo': switch expression not integral

And I used the following command:

CompilerSet errorformat=[\a\+]\ %f(%l):\ %m

But it does not appear to work. The "channel" part seems to not match (\a\+), since if I replace it with Error or Info, I capture the related lines.

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set errorformat=[%t%*\\a]\ %f(%l):\ %m

The pattern \a\+, is equivalent to %*\\a according to :h errorformat.

However you may want to look to see if Vim already supports your compiler of choice. Do :compiler then tab complete or use <c-d> to get a list of known compilers.

  • Thanks for the response! Compiler underneath is msvc, but output altered on way out of build process.
    – anon
    Dec 8, 2017 at 14:41

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