I have read 'ai', 'si', 'cin', 'ci' help pages in Vim but I still cannot realize that what indention option is good for me.

Yes, I can read that :help pages again and set whatever I need in my vimrc but can I use all of the above indention options in my vimrc?

I mean, if I set them step by step, will vim conflict the options together and cause trouble in each indention?

Also I have found that setting 'si' has no effect when 'cin' is present and setting 'ci' isn't recommended when 'ai' is present. Is it true?

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From :h indent.txt:

There are in fact four main methods available for indentation, each one
overrides the previous if it is enabled, or non-empty for 'indentexpr':
'autoindent'    uses the indent from the previous line.
'smartindent'   is like 'autoindent' but also recognizes some C syntax to
        increase/reduce the indent where appropriate.
'cindent'   Works more cleverly than the other two and is configurable to
        different indenting styles.
'indentexpr'    The most flexible of all: Evaluates an expression to compute
        the indent of a line.  When non-empty this method overrides
        the other ones.  See |indent-expression|.

So the 4 indent types are 'autoindent', 'smartindent', 'cindent', and 'indentexpr'.

I can ... set whatever I need in my vimrc but can I use all of the above indention options in my vimrc?

Indention settings are local to a buffer. Typically when you have filetype plugin indent on you get the default indent setting for the 'filetype'. If you want to change the indent settings for a file type I would recommend you add your changes to ~/.vim/after/indent/<filetype>.vim, e.g. ~/.vim/after/indent/c.vim.

It is also worth looking through :h indent.text as some filetypes have special options which can change indention styles/preferences.

  • Thanks. So it would be better to just turn on 'cin', yes? & How about 'ci'isn't a indention option?
    – Cy8099
    Commented Dec 5, 2017 at 17:06
  • C/C++ uses 'cindent', Python uses 'indexexpr', and Lisp uses 'autoindent'. Each filetype uses different indent settings to fit it's needs. 'copyindent' - make 'autoindent' use existing indent structure. Commented Dec 5, 2017 at 18:53

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