I have below mapping in .vimrc.

nmap gb <C-^>

What I want to do is open a directory, gf to a file, then gb go back to previous directory.

But sometime gb is not working properly. It goes back to another text file instead of previous directory.

  • Seems if it's a normal file, gb can go back, but not for a directory, need to figure out how to jump back to a directory.
    – Fisher
    Commented Nov 24, 2017 at 14:51

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The problem is netrw, the plugin which allows vim to browse directories, overrides the gb map for its bookmarks feature.

You can disable this by providing a junk mapping in your vimrc:

nmap <sid>NetrwBookHistHandler_gb <Plug>NetrwBookHistHandler_gb

Or use any left hand side

nmap <silent> <f4> <Plug>NetrwBookHistHandler_gb

Also, you don't need to use gf to go to a file inside a directory. Pressing enter works too.

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