How to count lines in current paragraph?

echo line("'}") - line("'{")

is near, but not correct, and not considering corner cases.

How to fix? or use another approach?

== Edit ==

I wanna count inner lines of current paragraph using vimscript, i.e., count given by yip.

since both marks '{ and '} both point to empty line or line that only containing blank (space+Tab) if posssible.

The corner case is thus when above condition not match, that is, '{ is first line and/or '} is last line of the graph.

== Solution ==

see my answer below, -- a vimscript function that could be embeded inside of statusline.

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    What are some corner cases that you're facing? Like if the paragraph is a single line? (Then a minimum of 1 will fix it) Do you need to count wrapped lines? Or, if not used in a Script, how about set relativenumber?
    – Sunny Pun
    Nov 21, 2017 at 15:19
  • In my vim 8.2 (on windows) -- the '{ and '} marks do not match lines that contain only spaces, and ONLY match fully blank lines. I'm not sure if that changed in the last 4 years.
    – CrashNeb
    May 13, 2022 at 22:37

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You can vip to select the current paragraph.

If you press gCTRL + G you'll get

Selected 3 of 5 Lines; 8 of 12 Words; 101 of 291 Chars; 101 of 297 Bytes

Sorry for not emphasize, as the tag indicates, I want a vimscript solution.

Never mind, I found a solution, and wrap it in a function.

func! LineCountCurrentParagraph()
    return line("'}") - line("'{") + ((match(getline("'{"),'^\s*$') == -1) + (match(getline("'}"),'^\s*$') == -1) -1)

which is then used inside of my statusline settings.

set statusline+=%{LineCountCurrentParagraph()}

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