nnoremap <leader><cr> :execute "normal! i\\\<cr>\<esc>"

When I run that, it says:

E114: Missing quote: "normal! i\\\
E15: Invalid expression: "normal! i\\\

What's wrong with this? I'm trying to press i to go into insert mode, add a \ character, enter a newline, then escape.

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You used the following command:

nnoremap <leader><cr> :execute "normal! i\\\<cr>\<esc>"

Here is the command which does what you want:

:nnoremap <leader><cr> :execute "normal! i\\\n"<cr>

First, <cr> has special meaning to :map (and :abbrev and a couple others). Most of the rhs of a mapping is processed literally, as if you were typing those characters. With <cr>, :map acts as if you hit Enter. That leaves you submitting :execute "normal! i\\\ ... an incomplete command and thus you get the "Missing quote" error. \n has no such special meaning, it's just another character and is passed to :execute in the string parameter.

Second, you don't need to explicitly escape just like you wouldn't if you directly entered :execute "normal! i\\\n". Once you hit Enter in that case (which we're doing in the mapping with the <cr> at the end) the insert occurs and you are returned back to command line.

If you really want to use <esc> ;) here's another way to do it...and I'm sure some folks would prefer this version...

:nnoremap <leader><cr> :star<cr>\<cr><esc>

(:star is short for :startinsert)


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