I want to be able to automatically apply my personal patches to plugins when they are updated.

For example, I would like to apply this patch every time the vim-fugitive plugin is updated.

I am using neobundle to manage my plugins, and would like to be able to do :NeoBundleCheckUpdate and have the latest upstream changes pulled, and then my patches / commits applied, and then have vim use the result.

Is there a way to automatically apply patches to plugins when they are updated upstream?


Note that Neobundle is not maintained by its author anymore, it has been replaced by Dein.vim

In Dein.vim you have a post update hook option available (see :h dein-options-hook_post_update) which allows you to execute a function after a plugin is updated.

You can then create a function (in vim or with an external tool) which will apply the patch you want.

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