I am compiling a program with :make command, then I examine g++ errors using :cwindow. The problem is that the error produced by g++ is longer than 1000 characters and it is cut.

Currently I have to compile this program in separate xterm in order to see complete error message which has 2403 characters length.

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    Just some suggestions which may not be nice solutions: a) change makeprg and pipe the output to a post processing script which gives better error messages for quick fix; b) instead of a separate xterm, I wonder if something like :! calling shell commands would make it easier to switch between vim and the error output.
    – Sunny Pun
    Commented Nov 5, 2017 at 5:20

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As of 7.4.1802, Vim is supposed to quickfix lines up to 4096 bytes long instead of truncating them.

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