Problem: ^] doesn't work if cursor is on a function name prefixed with its package.

I am using ctags and by reading the tags file generated I ensured that the sub is indexed in the tags file, like:

a_func_like_this lib/Package/Module.pm /^ sub a_func_like_this {$/; s"

So it works if my cursor is on a_func_like_this.

However if the full name is specified (along with its module) like Package::Module::a_func_like_this, ^] would search for the full name which is not indexed by ctags.

It's like the default behaviour of ^] is yiw :tag <C-r>"<CR>. Which implies that Package::Module::a_func_like_this is being searched and thus returns no result.

As a workaround I want it to just get the part after :: if that presents in the Inner Word.

That said, even with such work around, I may have to manually select the correct version of a_func_like_this even though the exact file I am looking for is clearly Package::Module (the part discarded). I guess vi should have something smarter for tag jumping.

How should I approach this?

  • I am sorry for the problem being unclear. The mapping is working - it's like its default behavior is yaw :tag <C-r>"<CR>, which doesn't work for full function names because the Package:: part is captured by yaw. A workaround is to use yiw however I may have to manually find the correct version of the function though the package is explicitly seen. Any ideas to make the tag jumping smarter? – Sunny Pun Nov 3 '17 at 0:56
  • 1
    Maybe the proper solution involves a config of ctags instead of a vim issue? – Mass Nov 3 '17 at 1:45
  • I have just read the ctags manual. Seems that the --fields option may be useful. I'll instead try YouCompleteMe to see if that's handled better there... – Sunny Pun Nov 3 '17 at 4:20

Thanks I have figured it out.

Instead of a plain ctags -R, run ctags -R --extra=+q which also adds the prefix-ed version of the methods into the tags file.

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