I am on WSL trying to understand why my fakeclip.vim doesn't work.

I've added

let g:fakeclip_platform = s:PLATFORM

into ~/.vim/bundle/vim-fakeclip/autoload/fakeclip.vim, but I can't access the variable I have created. However I can access g:fakeclip_terminal_multiplexer_type.

So I was suspecting vim to not load/use this file. Fakeclip is organized as follow:

├── autoload
│   └── fakeclip.vim
├── doc
│   ├── fakeclip.txt
│   └── tags
├── Gemfile
├── plugin
│   └── fakeclip.vim

So I executed this:

$ echo "let g:foo=42" >> .vim/bundle/vim-fakeclip/plugin/fakeclip.vim
$ echo "let g:bar=42" >> .vim/bundle/vim-fakeclip/autoload/fakeclip.vim

But once again, g:bar doesn't exist. So I removed the autoload file:

$ rm .vim/bundle/vim-fakeclip/autoload/fakeclip.vim

But g:fakeclip_terminal_multiplexer_type which is only defined in this file is still available.

Of course between each attempt I quit and restarted vim. I also removed .viminfo just in case.

Could some explain what's happening here?

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autoload plugins are sourced:

  • either when we source them explicitly (like in :runtime autoload/fakeclip.vim)
  • or when we call a function that starts in foo#bar#whatever(), it'll source autoload/foo/bar.vim, even if the function doesn't exist.

So, if you want to define a variable in an autoload plugin,

  • either use a dedicated interface: :call fakeclip#_init() which is quite cumbersome and defeats the purpose of using autoload plugins;
  • or set the variable in a plain plugin/ instead;
  • or don't even try to set it if you're just trying to access an option, you could instead provide an internal accessor for your option, and use this accessor instead of g:fakeclip_platform from your code.

    function! fakeclip#_platform()
        return get(g:, 'fakeclip_platform', somedefaultvalue)

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