I used to have a similar problem with the main screen (IIRC), like here:


and I solved it by setting set set t_ut=, as was suggested in this question's accepted answer. But now I spotted another similar problem:


and I have not been able to fix it, following directions from other similar questions: Vim Colorscheme Weirdness for Background, 256 color support for vim background in tmux, namely setting the TERM variable's value to screen or screen-256color. I tried, but to no avail:

foo@bar$ TERM=screen
foo@bar$ echo $TERM
foo@bar$ vim /etc/apache2/ports.conf

I use Terminator as a terminal, but, it seems, this doesn't matter, since in the default Ubuntu terminal the problem is the same.

It's not that this is a huge problem, but it's still annoying.

Could anyone help? Thank you in advance.

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