Currently, when I view the quickfix list with :cw, the columns/pipes are not aligned, as in this example:

enter image description here

I wonder if there is an option in vim or a plugin to rearrange the pipes so that they align in columns. csv.vim does something similar for csv files (see gif in the README).


Some more searching yielded the qf-layout plugin, which is working great in my initial tests!

In order to show only the basename instead of the entire filepath, I modified line 84 from

let l.filename = bufname(l.bufnr)


let l.filename = fnamemodify(bufname(l.bufnr), ":t")

It looks neat!

enter image description here

In case someone else finds this useful, I recommend adding something like the following to your .vimrc, and put the formatting you prefer first in the list. I changed from 'NOP' to 'vim_addon_qf_layout#DefaultFormatter':

let g:vim_addon_qf_layout = {}
let g:vim_addon_qf_layout.quickfix_formatters = [
    \'NOP' ]

PS This plugin works great together with the SpellCheck plugin which populates the quickfix list with misspelled words!

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