I'm stalling Vim-latex. I believe I have done steps 1 and 2 on http://vim-latex.sourceforge.net/index.php?subject=download&title=Download. How can I do step 3 if I'm using Windows? Thanks.

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You just need to type helptags ~/vimfiles/doc in command-line mode, that is

:helptags ~/vimfiles/doc

This step will generate help tags (see :h helptags) files which allow you to use tag jump (Ctrl+], Ctrl+T).

Plugin Manager

Note that plugin manager does this step for you (e.g. Vundle) and this is also recommended. For instance, after installing Vundle, you just need to put Plugin 'vim-latex/vim-latex' (in the appropriate place) in your .vimrc (in your case _vimrc or _gvimrc).

See the Vundle's wiki for more details to install Vundle under Windows.

P.S. I never use vim under Windows, so I may be wrong.

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