I'm using Vundle and have othree/xml.vim installed, as well as my own bundle for working with PHP.

My PHP bundle has the following code:

if exists('b:did_ftplugin') && 1 == b:did_ftplugin

" ... various things here.

setlocal iskeyword=$,a-z,A-Z,48-57,_-_

However, the iskeyword option does NOT contain what I've specified above. If I type verbose set iskeyword? I get the following output.

    Last set from ~/.vim/bundle/xml.vim/ftplugin/xml.vim

Disabling the othree/xml.vim plugin solves this problem, but I don't understand why it would be executing in the first place, as the file type is php and not xml.

Any pointers?

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The PHP filetype loads the HTML filetype; from $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/php.vim (around like 63):

runtime! syntax/html.vim
unlet b:current_syntax

This is because PHP is layered "on top" of HTML, and you can start/stop with the <?php and ?> tags.

That plugin of yours ships with a ftplugin/html.vim file which load the ftplugin/xml.vim syntax file.

The only way you can fix this is by resetting the iskeyword value from an autocmd:

augroup fix_php
    autocmd FileType php setlocal iskeyword&vim
augroup end

The iskeyword&vim will reset it to the default Vim value.

You could also consider creating a bug report on their issue tracker.

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