I have a list of integers, where each is on a separate line. I'm trying to find a quick way to sum them up directly in VIM without having to write a script that does it for me.

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What worked for me was:

:%!awk '{print; total+=$1}END{print total}'

You can use this command:

com! -range=% Sum :echo eval(join(getline(<line1>,<line2>),'+'))

It basically gets the lines in the given range (by default whole file) as a list, and evaluates it by joining each list item with a + between each other.


Here's a fun (albeit slightly hacky) answer, although I believe it's the shortest answer you'll get:

:%norm Dj@"<C-v><C-a><cr>

(note that <C-v> means ctrl-v, and <C-a> means ctrl-a)

It works by doing the following on every line:

  • Deleting it (into the unnamed register)
  • Running the unnamed register as a count, and
  • Incrementing the next number by that much.

Then, on the last line, there isn't a next number to increment, so it breaks. However, we have the current sum in the unnamed register, so we can just paste it with p.

If you don't want a bunch of blank lines, you could modify the last line to V{p.

Unfortunately, this only works with positive integers.

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