I have the following configuration setting, blatantly stolen from vim-sensible.

" use magical ; option
if has('path_extra')
    setglobal tags-=./tags tags^=./tags;

I suspect what it does is remove the default ./tags entry for tags files and instead find any tags file that's in ., .., ../.., &c.

Initially I thought that it would pick out only a single tags file, but that is not what it does. Instead it picks out EVERY tags file in ., .., ../.., etc.

I use a script to generate a tags file for the toplevel project and use the same script to generate another one for the area I mainly work in

├── myfolder
│   └── tags
└── tags

When I'm "in" the myfolder directory, I would like to pick out just the project/myfolder/tags file ... otherwise I have problems with duplicate entries. It also kind of defeats the purpose of having a tags file for a subfolder, which is to "narrow" the identifiers that the ctags mechanism is aware of.

I guess my question is:

  • Is there a simple, well-supported way to work with "hierarchically organized" tags files?
  • What kind of workflow is the magical semicolon-path feature designed to support?
  • From the way I read :h file-searching all you need to do is set tags=./tags;*/tags. Where ; triggers the upward search from the current file's path, .tags, and stops when it finds */tags which is 1 directory deeper than the current working directory. However this does not work in my test case – Peter Rincker Sep 8 '17 at 17:28

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