:help nvim-from-vim says:

create ~/.config/nvim/init.vim with these contents:

set runtimepath+=~/.vim,~/.vim/after
set packpath+=~/.vim
source ~/.vimrc


If your system sets $XDG_CONFIG_HOME, use that instead of ~/.config

But those paths aren't correct for Windows.

Vim for Windows reads from ~/_vimrc on startup. What's the corresponding file for Neovim?

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Neovim looks for ~\AppData\Local\nvim\init.vim to run at startup.

If you want to create the suggested init.vim from :help nvim-from-vim, save the following instead:

set runtimepath+=~/vimfiles,~/vimfiles/after
set packpath+=~/vimfiles
source ~/_vimrc

Then you can save all your settings to ~\_vimrc just like you did with Vim.

See this answer and :help vimrc for more info.


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