It's only happening in one of my .py files when opened with vim, I am getting some kind of fold info in the gutter that shouldn't be there - made up of the characters '2', '-' and '|'.

enter image description here

I disabled all my plugins to test if there is some plugin issue, but the problem remains. I deleted the files pertaining to this .py in the views folder in case that may be the issue, but to no avail.

The foldmethod is set to indent. If I change the foldmethod to marker then that annoying info in the gutter goes away, but comes back once I reselect indent method.

The folds look normal when folded however:

enter image description here

Anyone know what is happening, or how to get rid of it?

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What you see is the 'foldcolumn' setting for opened folds. If you don't want it, simply disable it: :set foldcolumn=0 To find out where it was set, enter :verbose set foldcolumn? You might also play with increasing the foldcolumn value, so that the display looks a little bit better.

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