I know there is a shortcut to open a new blank split window horizontally. Namely, ctrl-w + n.

But is there a shortcut to do the same thing vertically? More precisely, I want a shortcut for :vs ene.

I can't seem to find one inside help. Does anyone know if such a shortcut exists or how I would go about mapping it myself considering I need to use :?

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There's nothing special here, if you don't find a shortcut of your liking for a command just create your own with a simple Normal mode mapping. For example:

:nmap <Leader>v :vs ene<CR>

Assuming your Leader key is backslash then you can just type \ followed quickly by v and you'll get your vertical split.

You can, of course, choose any key combination you want but using Leader is a good idea as it will not likely conflict with other Vim functionality. (And Leader has other benefits...including the ability to change Leader without changing existing mappings.)

If this is all a bit foreign to you I encourage you to look at Vim help for key mappings (:h mapping) and the Leader key (:h <Leader>)

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    Could map <C-w>V, as that's unused. Aug 27, 2017 at 7:37

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