I've established that it's possible to take the contents of a buffer (even one that isn't saved anywhere) and pipe it to a command.

like so: :w ! petit --wordcount

But! Is it possible to take the output of said command and pipe it back out to a new empty buffer in vim, without writing the output to a file...just writing back into a new buffer...using ex?


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From the gist "Redirect the output of a Vim or external command into a scratch buffer" by romainl:

function! Redir(cmd)
    for win in range(1, winnr('$'))
        if getwinvar(win, 'scratch')
            execute win . 'windo close'
    if a:cmd =~ '^!'
        execute "let output = system('" . substitute(a:cmd, '^!', '', '') . "')"
        redir => output
        execute a:cmd
        redir END
    let w:scratch = 1
    setlocal nobuflisted buftype=nofile bufhidden=wipe noswapfile
    call setline(1, split(output, "\n"))

command! -nargs=1 Redir silent call Redir(<f-args>)

" Usage:
"   :Redir hi ............. show the full output of command ':hi' in a scratch window
"   :Redir !ls -al ........ show the full output of command ':!ls -al' in a scratch window

It captures the result with execute "let output = system()" and writes it to a new split. Untested:

:Redir !petit --wordcount %

% is replaced with the current file name, see :help c_%.

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