My workflow revolves around having NerdTree opened with a quickfix at the the bottom and one file opened in a buffer.

I often grep within my file only by using the % shortcut in my grep command.

I then navigate to quickfix or NerdTree to look at something and rerun my grep command slightly tweaked. At this point the command no longer works as @% does not contain the name of my file anymore.

Could I keep entering non-modifiable buffers from updatding @%?

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"% is a read-only register. I doubt there is anything you can do to the register.

Instead of simply using % in your grep command, e.g. :grep 'foo' %, use <c-r> to put in the contents of the register, e.g. :grep 'foo' <c-r>%. This will paste/put the name of the file in the grep command. To tweak your grep simply do q: and go and edit your last grep (press return to run).

For more help see:

:h c_CTRL-R
:h c_%
:h q%

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