I outsourced a few sections of my .vimrc to .vim/custom/binds/foo.vim to seperate binds for different languages. I know about after but I want to keep the structure I am currently using.

I often find my self changing mappings in foo.vim while working in some file.foo, and don't want to close and reopen file.foo file every time I make changes to foo.vim.

I have noremap \c0 <Esc>:source<Space>~/.vimrc<Enter> in my .vimrc and it performs exactly what I want for the mappings in the rc.

I tried to include runtime! custom/binds/*.vim but this does not seem to work. Not even when executed manually.

:help runtime:

When {file} contains wildcards it is expanded to all
                        matching files.  Example:
                                :runtime! plugin/*.vim

what am I missing here?


inside my .vimrc I :source ~/.vim/custom/binds/foo.vim. so sourcing works fine, but I have to do this for every file seperatly.

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Why don't you use the standard .vim/plugin/ and .vim/ftplugin/{ft}/ ? It's their exact purpose.

  • plugins are loaded once when Vim starts
  • ftplugins are loaded every time you open a file, or create a new buffer, that matches the associated filetype.

Don't mix up the official plugins scripts with the plugins managed by plugin managers. The second kind are just bundles of a set the first kind distributed among specific sub-directories. These specific sub-directories can (and must) also be used for your own configuration.

You'll also be interested in this SO Q/A that also discusses reloading scripts -- three reloading solutions are indirectly provided: my :Reload helper command, Tim Pope's vim-scriptstrease, and Ingo Karkat's ReloadScript.

  • Ok I will give it a try, but I actually wanted to keep them where they are now. Loading the files on start-up is also not my problem. I source all relevant files in my .vimrc. What I wanted to do is to reload all these Scripts WITHOUT reopening the file I am currently working on when I change a relevant .vim file. Currently I have maped \c0 to :source ~/.vimrc<Enter>. But that somehow wont run the :source commands inside the .vimrc. So I wanted to include my custom bindings into that binding \c0 to reload all other files as well
    – omnesia
    Aug 11, 2017 at 20:44

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