I use Colemak layout. In order to use hjkl I remapped several keys nearby with noremap. It works fine. However, window movement commands somehow do not recognize these mappings. E.g. although I have 'noremap n j' in my vimrc when I press <C-W> n it opens a new split instead of moving downwards.

It seems that <C-W> enters not operator pending mode but some other unknown state. Why is it the case? How can I do my mapping?

I don't want to map it like noremap <C-w>n <C-w>j because of the very small timeout (I need it for other commands).


CTRL-W starts a window command, that means, Vim enters a special mode, which won't timeout, awaiting another command and which does not allow maps. And this makes sense, since Ctrl-W is no command, after which a motion follows, so I wouldn't expect Operator Pending mode after Ctrl-W.

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  • Oh. Well, this is reasonable, but having mappings for this mode also would be nice. Maybe I can squeeze something from langmap and exec mappings on Ctrl-W. – Ivan Smirnov Jul 23 '17 at 20:17

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