After I do a :sp or :vsp I find myself always turning off wrapping in the resulting window.

My first attempt at automating this action looks like this (for the vertical situation):

function! VerticalSplit()
  setlocal nowrap
nnoremap <silent> :vsp :call VerticalSplit()<CR>

This seems to work, but a negative is that when I type :vsp it doesn't show my typing in the :ex console at the bottom of the screen. This becomes more noticeable when typing other commands such as :vimgrep.

Is there a way to still show my typing in the ex window, or perhaps a better approach to tackle this problem?

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    perhaps :cabbrev would be better for your case? Commented Jul 24, 2017 at 20:07

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With :cabbrev you can achieve what you want so Christian Brabandt has made a great suggestion. Now you have two different approaches, on one hand you could try Christian's suggestion and type in:

:cabbrev vsp vsplit <bar> set nowrap
:cabbrev sp split <bar> set nowrap

or, on the other hand, you could map Enter in command mode, check if you typed in either sp or vsp and if so set nowrap as follows:

function! WrapIfSplit()
   let cmdline = getcmdline()
   if cmdline == "vsp"
      return "\<C-U>vsplit \<bar> set nowrap\<CR>" 
   elseif cmdline == "sp"
      return "\<C-U>split \<bar> set nowrap\<CR>" 
   return "\<CR>"

cnoremap <expr><silent> <CR> WrapIfSplit()

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