With a "long" ruby file (896 lines in my case) the ruby syntax highlighting is lost when I G to the bottom of the file. Once that happens and I go back to the top with gg, the syntax highlighting remains off. The only way to get the syntax highlighting back is to just reload the file with :e.

However, if I just <CTRL-F> from the top all the way to the bottom, then the syntax highlighting remains.

This is a bit similar to this post but definitely not the same, as this happens every time I follow the steps listed above. Highlighting for my :help or .vimrc files is NOT lost, even though my .vimrc file is over 1000 lines long [I know, I know... I have to reorganize this; just haven't had time:].

My syntax-specific plugins include the following; I guess the next thing to try is to remove them one at a time and see which one is the perp.


And the last change is:

        Last set from /usr/local/Cellar/vim/8.0.0692/share/vim/vim80/filetype.vim

So not much information there.

This only started happening "recently" (past few weeks, plus my machine was re-imaged for macOS Sierra and I've now got the latest versions of everything).

Happens both inside/outside of tmux

Any suggestions besides the brute force approach?



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Sounds like a synchronization issue. Try

:syntax sync maxlines=1000

Find the details in :help :syn-sync

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    Already tried the following which do not work: :syntax sync fromstart, :syn off | syn on, :redraw, and various combinations of your :syntax sync maxlines=1000plus combinations with minlines=
    – JESii
    Jul 24, 2017 at 14:00

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