Most of the time I have my window split, after editing some code, I :terminal to run some commands to check if my changes make sense. when I exit the terminal, I don't have the window split anymore, I just lose the buffer that was there before running :terminal. When I remember before I close the terminal (cause my fingers are faster than my brain), is that I go in normal mode, and ctrl-o to jump back to the previous buffer. does that leave the terminal still running? is there a better way to go close the terminal and go back to my previous split window with buffers?

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here's what works for me. Ctrl-o doesn't close the buffer, it just jumps to the previous one. but :buffer # seems to do it. so in my init.vim I have

tnoremap <ESC> <C-\><C-n>:buffer #<CR>

which closes the terminal buffer and jump back to the previous one, the window is still split. I mapped it to ESC cause it makes sense to me, but that's personal preference.

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