I'd like to provide anyone reading my plugin in Vim a direct link to the help article on command-completion

At the moment, I'm simply saying " :help command-completion but i'd love to do something like" |command-completion| to allow a user to navigate directrly with C-]. I've tried a few random combinations but nothing seems to work. Is this possible?

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I assume you're following the advice in the Vim help pages (:h write-local-help) and formatting your links with double-stars and double-bars in the Vim style. However, for vim to recognize them as tags, you have to set the iskeyword option correctly, namely

:set iskeyword=!-~,^*,^\|,^\"

The way Vim does this for its own help files is to use a modeline. For an example of this, type :help and go to the last line in the help window. Finally, you'll have to create a tags file for your plugin. Use the :helptags command for that.

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