I use <Space> as my leader key, with a short timeoutlen:

let mapleader = ' '
set timeout timeoutlen=300 ttimeoutlen=5

Sometimes in normal mode, I hit <Space> then hesitate (maybe I changed my mind), letting the timeout expire as I consider my next move.

Normally this would trigger the default <Space> behavior, moving cursor to the right. To prevent this, I've added:

nnoremap <Space> <Nop>

The problem with this is, after the timeout has expired, I can't reinitiate a leader key-sequence until I run some (any) other command, such as hitting Esc. It's as if I need to break out of the <Nop> with some intervening command.

For example, with nnoremap <leader>j <Plug>(foo),

  • I type <Space> and let the timeout expire
  • then I type <Space>j expecting it to run <Plug>(foo), but it does nothing
  • I hit Esc
  • I type <Space>j --> Vim runs <Plug>(foo)

If I change my mapleader to \ and do map <Space> \, I don't have this problem.

What's causing this timeout/Nop behavior? Is there a way to fix it, or should I use the \ workaround?


This appears to be a known (recent?) bug.



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