So I'm trying to use Vim-Hybrid as my native Vim theme but I've been running into a couple issues with it. Everytime I run the vim command now, I've been receiving the following error message:

E488: Trailing characters:       </tr>
line 2194:
E488: Trailing characters:       <tr>
line 2195:

There's a lot more trailing character errors that are firing but I believe that there might be an error with my ~/.vim/colors/hybrid.vim - which I copied and pasted from the repo into the the respective path.

Here's the content within my .vimrc: I followed the installation instructions, which told me to:

Add to ~/.vimrc:

set background=dark
colorscheme hybrid

Further down in the instructions, I was also told to add the following:

let g:hybrid_custom_term_colors = 1
let g:hybrid_reduced_contrast = 1 " Remove this line if using the 
default palette.
colorscheme hybrid

My .vimrc currently looks like this now:

let g:hybrid_custom_term_colors = 1
let g:hybrid_reduced_contrast = 1
set background=dark
colorscheme hybrid

Any idea what went wrong? Any help would be appreciated!

Ninja Edit: Forgot to mention that I'm using iTerm!

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You apparently copy and pasted some html code into your colorscheme file. If you open the file in github, click on the RAW link and copy paste again and make sure to overwrite the previous version. (Even better would be to simply download that file using wget or similar)

  • that solved it! kinda weird how it served html the first time i did it. many thanks christian! Commented Jul 13, 2017 at 19:01

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