I save quite a few lines into a named register "iy100l. I can then paste from that register just fine, "ip.

I close and reopen Vim then try to paste from that register again "ip but it's truncated to only 50 lines.

So I'm guessing .viminfo has a limit on the length of registers it will save but I couldn't find it documented. Is there a setting to increase the limit?


it can be configured with the " character of the viminfo option

From :help 'viminfo:

"   Maximum number of lines saved for each register.  Old name of
    the '<' item, with the disadvantage that you need to put a
    backslash before the ", otherwise it will be recognized as the
    start of a comment!
  • Details on those settings aren't directly under :help viminfo hence not finding them before, but your answer did set me looking in the right direction, clicking through to the viminfo option which can be directly accessed by :help 'viminfo' (note the apostrophes). – Simon George Jun 28 '17 at 10:31
  • Yes, true. Though the leading apostrophe is enough – Naumann Jun 28 '17 at 10:49

:help viminfo contains general information on the feature but not settings.

:help 'viminfo' (note the apostrophes) is the documentation on the actual option settings. The key bit is < which sets the max lines saved per register. You are also forced to set a value for ' (max files marks are saved for). While I was at it I increased s (max Kbytes saved per register).

So the bit you stick in your .vimrc:

set viminfo='50,<200,s100

  • As :help 'viminfo' says, the key bit is < rather than " because the latter is essentially deprecated. I'm preferring this answer to @Naumann's answer because his is a bit misleading unless he changes it. – davidvandebunte Nov 8 '18 at 21:10

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