I'm trying to configure cmake.vim for my c++ projects, but it doesn't work for me even on initial stage. The following command:

:CMakeCreateBuild <build_dir>

just creates a build directory but it seems it doesn't invoke cmake to configure the project.

I see something in vim command line, it looks like a log of cmake.vim execution but it shows just a last line.

How to open full log of last command there and not a one line only?

Thank you

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According to their README page :CMakeCreateBuild <build-dir-name> only creates a new binary directory for your project so I think you are experiencing the expexted behavior.

Still according to the same page I think you need to run the following commands:

" Create a new binary directory for your clean project.
:CMakeCreateBuild <build-dir-name>

" Build all of the targets.

" Clean up bad builds.
  • accordingly cmake workflow , first stage is a configuring , second one is a building . if you look at full version of the documentation you can see this : ":CMakeCreateBuild :CMakeCreateBuild takes only one argument, the name of the directory that the build directory will be. It'll fail if the name isn't one of the values provided in g:cmake_build_directories so take care to use one of those. It'll make the directory if it doesn't exist, remove CMakeCache.txt if it exists (with confirmation) and invoke CMake within that directory. "
    – amigo421
    Commented Jun 22, 2017 at 8:45
  • look at last sentence
    – amigo421
    Commented Jun 22, 2017 at 8:46

You could run it again with the 'verbose' option set to 15 (you know, like :set verbose=15) to trace every ex command called by the plugin.

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