I have a parser which output this kind of messages:

||     Error: M:\workdir\MyFile.ja: line 38: "Blablabla" has no license declaration
||     Error: M:\workdir\MyFile.ja: unknown attribute "blabla"
||     Fatal: M:\workdir\MyFile.ja: not generating output because of 2 earlier errors

I try to parse it with the following errorformat:

let &errorformat=&errorformat . ',' . 'Error: %f: line %l: %m'
let &errorformat=&errorformat . ',' . 'Error: %f: %m'
let &errorformat=&errorformat . ',' . 'Fatal: %f: line %l: %m'
let &errorformat=&errorformat . ',' . 'Fatal: %f: %m'

but it matches nothing. Can someone help me to points out what am I doing wrong ?



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Ok in fact I needed to match also the leading spaces with this errorformat:

let &errorformat=&errorformat . ',' . '%*[ ]Error: %f: line %l: %m'
let &errorformat=&errorformat . ',' . '%*[ ]Error: %f: %m'
let &errorformat=&errorformat . ',' . '%*[ ]Fatal: %f: line %l: %m'
let &errorformat=&errorformat . ',' . '%*[ ]Fatal: %f: %m'

It works now like a charm !

Thanks to markzen on freenode #vim who helped me to find out the solution.

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