I want to filter some text through an external command without replacing the text, but rather have some way of inserting it afterwards or wherever I want.

Say I want to calculate:

2^8 = 

I mark 2^8 in visual mode and type :! bc, this replaces 2^8 with 256. However, I would rather just insert the result of the command after the = sign. Is this possible?

  • As a useful side-note to the answers below, if I wanted to filter part of the line to the bc command I could use the vis plugin (stackoverflow.com/questions/16196826/…), and select the relevant part of the line with V, then enter :B ! bc
    – gauteh
    Jun 15 '17 at 10:08


2^8 =
1+1 = 3
2+4 =
4%8 =


:g/=$/ t. | s/=// | exe '.!bc'  | -j


2^8 = 256
1+1 = 3
2+4 = 6
4%8 = 4

It finds each line ending in =, copies it below, trims off the =, filters it through bc, then joins it to the line above.


  • :h :global -- short form: :g -- executes the following commands on each line that matches.
  • :h :copy -- short synomym: :t -- copy a range of lines elsewhere.
  • :h :substitute -- short form: :s -- search and replace.
  • :h :execute -- short form: :exe -- execute a string as a command, used here to allow another following command since otherwise | would be passed to the shell.
  • :h range! -- filter a range of lines through an external program.
  • :h :join -- short form: :j -- join a range of lines.
  • I did not realize that : ! command works on the whole line and not just on the selection, this explains why things didn't work.
    – gauteh
    Jun 14 '17 at 10:18

What about

:%s/\(.*\)=\s*\zs$/\=system('bc -q <(echo '.shellescape(submatch(1)) . ')')/

This replaces line-endings terminated with = by bc -q <(echo "expression").


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