I'm working on a large scale project with a lot of files, and :find is extremely (several seconds) slow, much slower than :lgrep backed by ag, which skips directories mentioned in .gitignore, e.g. tmp, log, node_modules etc.

At the moment I'm using set path=.,**.

Is there a way exclude specific paths from path?

Any trick with autocmd loading .gitignore and setting path on VimEnter will work.


vim-rails and vim-ruby are setting path, and they don't really care that path is limited to 1024 characters on some platforms throwing out what you set.

Solved with autocmd:

let g:project_find_path = '.,' . system("git ls-tree -d HEAD --name-only | tr '\n' : | sed 's/:/**,/g'")
autocmd VimEnter let &path = g:project_find_path
autocmd BufReadPost * let &path = g:project_find_path

Works in fractions of a second now.

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