I try to install vim-latex, a plugin for vim to edit latex file, According to the download page

In step 3 of 4 :To install the included latex-suite.txt and latexhelp.txt files as vim help files, start vim and do the following:

helptags ~/.vim/doc

It promts

E150: Not a directory: ~/.vim/doc 

Then I did

helptags ~/.vim/vim-latex-1.9.0/doc

nothing happened

Step 4 of 4: Done! Thats it! You are done! Now start editing a latex file in vim. Latex-Suite should start up automatically. You can do

:help latex-suite.txt

I got another error

E149: Sorry, no help for latex-suite.txt

I summarized the steps I did before

Step 1 of 4: Download and extract the archives

tar xvzf vim-latex-1.9.0.tar.gz -C ~/.vim

nothing wrong, there is one more file vim-latex-1.9.0.tar under ~/.vim

Step 2 of 4: Set a few things in .vimrc

I copied the contents to my .vimrc file in a right way. there is no file named tex.vim under ~/.vim/ftplugin/ so I created one and copy the contents to my tex.vim

when I start editing .tex file, nothing paticular happened, so I guess I didn'd have vim-latex installed. I don't know where I did wrong?

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It sounds like you've added the vim-latex-1.9.0 directory as a subdirectory of your .vim directory. For a traditional installation, you should be adding the contents of the vim-latex-1.9.0 directory to your .vim directory (merging the contents of any directories into the directories that already exist in .vim, if necessary.)

However, I'd strongly recommend you look into the more recent methods of installation, either Vim 8's package feature (or if you are still on Vim 7, pathogen), or one of the various plugin managers that are available, which offer various advantages over the old method.

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