In Ultisnips, is there a way to create a snippet that will replace empty space in the snippet with a * character upon exiting Insert mode (or as I type)?

For example, I have a snippet that looks like so:

snippet cch
/* ${1} */

After expanding this snippet, I would like to fill the space around the input ${1} with * characters after exiting Insert mode such that the width of this line will match the lines above and below.

So if I type cch <tab> and then Function Prototypes <Esc> it will look like the following:

/***** Function Prototypes ****/

Is this possible?


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In my case I have found in plugged/vim-snippets/UltiSnips/all.snippets a snippet called box that makes something like that:

-  some text inside  -

After reading a little bit more the code I figured out that if you set your filetype like :setf c and type box<tab>you will get your something like:

*  my text  *

This means you just have to make a slightly different version of all.snippets

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